What is sales funnel?

Over the period of time, competition among businesses have increased lot and lot of new sales concept have emerged in modern day marketing.

Sales funnel is one such concept.

That ‘s widely being used by all sorts of businesses whether they are top corporates or small businesses or even a solo entrepreneur.

With world becoming a global village and we coming under a global economy, internet has provided a chance to companies or say every businsses to reach out to every person world wide who can be their customer.

Sales funnel have provided businesses opportunity to grow their revenue in a very fast manner as they are now able to reach their target audience living in any country through internet.

This single concept can take any businesses from being unknown to multi-million dollar company over night if right sales funnel is created.

So, the question is what is sales funnel?

It’s a multi step sales funnel process used by all sorts of business.

Sales funnel come into action from the phase of getting attention of prospect being unknon of solution/business they are unkonowingly seeking for.

This is the first and one of the most important step of sales funnel which plays crucial role in success/failure of any business.

Once business have got the attention of business, they aim to establish trust with them via their content, training, free stuffs which lead prospect to become their leads.

In the next stage, busineses start filtering the leads into buyers after all we know not every person who is becoming their lead gonna buy from them.

Here a buyer psychology apply.

There are some leads who are very concious about buying something online.

There are someone who are fast action takers, they easily buy something at lower cost.

They still not convinced.

Under this step, businesses run various campaigns like email marketing, retargeting, webinars etc to warm up leads to start  buying from them.

This cycle of campaigns continue till the leads doesn’t lead to buy their highest package.

This model of sales funnel have generated billions of dollars for businesses and that’s why this is in demand in now a days. And every businesses should have it in place for their own business as well.

How sales funnels are more profitable than website? 

Answer for this question is quite very straight forward.

A website contains lot of pages and it talks about lot of things which majority of times consume lot of time and energy of visitor and confuse them whether the website really offers the service they need?

Plus, majority of websites are not built with sales and marketing strategy. Most of the companies only wants their online web presence.

While, opposite of this. A funnel only talk about certain subject and everything in it revolves around one kind of problem and solution for that.

This give confidence to visitor because they found everything related to their problem at one place and that’s why they are more likely to take action on funnels because they got what they were searching for.

What type of businesses can have funnel?

Many times people ask they run barber shop, can they also have funnel?

Answer to this question is YES.

Every business can have funnel even if you are a barber shop owner.

There is not a single business which can’t have a funnel.

To have a funnel for business, business owner need to understand their buyers very well and then should create a full detailed customer avatar of

Who are they?
What they like/dislike?
What is their pain point, frustration?
What solution they want/need?
What is their financial status?
everything, means everything you can write down about them.

The more detaild customer avatar you have the better irresistible offer you can create for them.

What are the tools to create sales funnel?

There are many tools available for creating funnel. Some of top tools are

  1. Clickfunnels
  2. Groove funnels
  3. WordPress
  4. Lead Pages
  5. Unbounce
  6. Kartra
  7. Kajabi
  8. Getresponse

And many more…

How to get traffic to the funnel?

Traffic is oxygen for any business operating online.

To get traffic to your funnel, you need to figure out where is your target audience spend time most.

If they are on Facebook, focus on Facebook.
If they are on Linkedin, focus on Linkedin.

similarly applicable for other sources.

Your audience can be on multiple platforms as well so you can start by focusing on one channel in the beginning then later you can focus on another.

To get traffic, you can use traffic strategies like

  • Run Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Youtube ads
  • Create Facebook group
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Google ads
  • Blogs
  • SEO
  • etc there are many more ways to bring traffic to your funnel but this are the primary ways.

How to sell high ticket program/service with funnel?

This should be the final stage of your sales funnel.

Many businsses do mistake that they directly create high ticket program and try to sell.

But, the fact is, in the online marketing busineses people doesn’t trust anyone easily even for a low ticket.

They fear to use their credit card so forget about selling high ticket program. It requires a huge effort to build a strong trust with prospect and sales strategy.

You can’t sell high ticket program just by creating a sales funnel. You need to have strong strategy, sales method.

And also don’t forget that not everyone will buy your high ticket. So you need to have filter process as well so that you can know which one can be interested in buying your high ticket program.

That’s why it’s always recommended to start with selling various kind of offers with various pricing.

Start with $7 or $27 offer then scale it to highest price.

In this way you will filter everyone who is not willing to buy your high ticket program and you will be left with only those who will.

Then you can reach out to them and sell.